Girlfriends Foundation

Girlfriends foundation, registered charity #841, was design to address the voice of all women, to create an outlet for women's issues to be heard but most importantly to create a grouping or entity to champion the main objective ~ Empowerment of WOMEN!

The mission statement of The Girlfriends Foundation and Girlfriends Expo is: To Empower, Educate and Entertain women of all ages in a fun loving non intrusive environment.

Girlfriends Expo is the commercial arm of The Foundation whereby all of our work and literature can be distributed and exploited by the wider public. The idea is to give entrepreneurs a forum by which their products can be displayed, analyzed and sampled. Creating an avenue for new clients and showing the very busy female what products and services are available to her.

All funds raised from the Expo go towards further development of the Foundation's mandates.